A Rare Peek Inside the Pantages

Cocktails and architectural chitchat are on the menu.

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Queue up. Smile at ticket taker, quickly. Rush past the table with the over-sized programs and long-sleeved tees. Shove (very politely) your ticket toward the usher. Find seat, put self in it, fast, then watch curtain rise, and finally breathe.

This, we'll wager, is how many people enter the Pantages Theatre on the all-too-few times they actually do. Parking has been sought and finally found somewhere around bustling Hollywood, then there's a rush to get to the door, and the beauty of the historic venue too often swirls past.

That can be corrected on Wednesday, Nov. 17 when the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles holds a special cocktail party at the Pantages, with the sole purpose of enjoying the Pantages, and not merely what is on the stage. Tickets are $40, but if you join the Art Deco Society, you can get in for $25. Good deal.

You'll want to secure your spot by Nov. 12. And bet this'll make you leave the house even earlier when next you have play tickets. You'll want to show off all of your Pantages-y factoids to your companions, right? And you can't do that if you're quickly shoving tickets at ushers.

(PS Never, ever shove a ticket or anything at anyone; we say this in jest. We love ushers and how efficiently and happily they take us to J17 or Box 14. Thank you, ushers of the world. Thank you.)

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