A Rare Summertime Deal at The Del

Check-in on a Sunday or Monday and your next night? Fifty percent off.

THAT ALL-IMPORTANT TIMING: When a chestnut gets trotted out too often, one is tempted to make a face or sigh. But "timing is everything" is one truism that deserves respect and should be said with frequency. Because, unlike most truisms, it is actually true. Consider this: One rarely goes shopping for mittens in May, and turkey basters? They don't move much in March. Likewise, gorgeous beachside destinations have a funny way of not discounting rooms or offering specials when the sun is high and families want to be out on the sand with their little buckets and shovels. In short? Timing is indeed everything, unless you're a vacationer looking for a sweet summertime deal. But the Hotel del Coronado is set on changing that perspective. Nope, the open-since-1888 San Diego landmark probably won't help mittens go on sale in December, but they are offering a stay-over special that's all about saving money in the summer.

AND THE SPECIAL... is this: Check into the historic hotel on a Sunday or Monday and get 50% off the next night. Or add a third night, pay in full for your first two nights, and get the third one for free. That's pretty rare for the high season at a swank hotel. Dear Del: You know summer is when many people have time off and are going to come and stay anyway, right? You do? Okay. Just as long as you know.

THE BEST BIT... we think, is that this summer deal actually lasts right up to Nov. 27. And since summer temps often rule through October in the southerly parts of our state, this makes sense. There shall be asterisks and some restrictions, but, yep, that's how it goes. 

THE DEL: Before we go, we want to put you on the spot: How many California hotels often go by their cute 'n short middle name, like The Del does? How many California hotels even have middle names, for that matter? We know, "Del" isn't actually the landmark's middle name, but when a place has been around for a century and a quarter, it kind of has developed a personality. In fact, if you've been around since 1888, you can go by whatever handle you want. Happy 125th, dear Del.

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