A (Real) Polar Bear Plunge

It's nearly New Year's and the polar bears are plunging.

San Diego Zoo

NEW YEAR'S TRADITION: In the coming days we'll be hearing a lot about people stripping down to their skivvies and dashing for various frigid bodies of water. That's because the annual Polar Bear Plunges are an annual rite of passage for civic-minded, charity-supporting groups around the globe. Our hats are off to these brave and hale types -- wait, are hats allowed during a typical Polar Bear Plunge, or is that considered too much clothing? -- but we thought we'd take a moment during the Polar-Bear-Plunge-iest week of the year to call upon the San Diego Zoo's own Polar Bear Plunge. Which, wait for it, features real polar bears.

ON THE SITE: Games, the Polar Bear Cam, and info on conservation are part of the site. You can also meet the bears of the Zoo (we're sweet on Kalluk, who weighs in at 950 pounds). If you need more polar-bear-age, you can download the zoo's own Mobile Roadie app; it debuted earlier this year and offers plenty of polar bear love. And, of course, you can visit the polar bears themselves. The zoo's Jungle Bells will wrap up New Year's weekend but we'd aim for January. After all, isn't January just about the most polar-bear-y of months? Polar bears don't have calendars (that we know of) but we think they'd agree.

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