A Taste of Greece


SUMMER SUP: It sometimes feels, by Father's Day, as if summer's half gone. Certainly if you have been in school, or have a kid in school, and they've been out for a few weeks. But summer's official arrival hasn't yet officially arrived, meaning there's still a lot of time to catch some quality food festivals and do a bit of dancing, too. Coming just days after June 21 is A Taste of Greece, an annual three-day party at St. Paul's in Irvine.

DELISH DATES: The celebration's on from Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26. And we'd like to point out two things. There will be cooking demos and dancing and tours of the parish, certainly. Nice. The second thing is the food situation. Not only have the organizers posted a menu online, but they created a separate rosters for sweets alone. Melomakarona -- orange-y awesomeness -- and the biscotti-like paxitmathia and karithopita, with its walnutty kick. We do like a delicious Greek food festival, but one that spotlights its pastries? We'll be there, with thanks.

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