A Tribute to the Rocket Man

Rus Anderson takes on a certain songsmith. With big glasses on, natch.

Rus Anderson

There's nothing not to like about a full-on tribute delivered straight from the heart of a talented, musical fan of a particular superstar. Remember performer John Kelly's Joni Mitchell salute, complete with a jazzy, Joni-style beret? Brilliant.

Now a sequined-spectacled Captain Fantastic is landing in town, courtesy of Rus Anderson. It's the Rocket Man Band, billed on its site as "The USA's #1 Elton John Tribute Band," which is so great we'd probably have that printed up on some business cards.

Mr. Anderson will be burning down the mission, in song, at the Norris Center Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 15.

Besides the fact -- that's right, "fact" -- that everyone everywhere knows every word to at least eight different Elton John songs, it should be a fun show, given the fact that Mr. Anderson sartorials it up, with Mr. John's signature aplomb. The Donald Duck outfit? What would 1970s arena rock have been without it?

And we must cite our favorite part of the tributist's summary on his site, which is full of enthusiasm, which is really the start of being a really fine tribute musician. It's the line that says "I am British, therefore I have a REAL British accent."

Cheers, mate.

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