A Trio of Patchworks

Indie goodies rule Long Beach. Then Culver City. And finally, Santa Ana.

Patchwork Show

There's are fine reasons behind the fact that the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival has become one of the most highly regarded crafty confabs in all of Southern California.

The organizers are professional and cheerful. The sellers make good stuff. The festivals tend to turn up just when your mind moves to holiday shopping. And the event hits a few different places over a few different weekends, ensuring that you won't have too far to go to get there.

Oh, and let us add that the pretty things you buy at Patchwork tell your chosen giftee "I tried." Don't you love when that is apparent in a gift? We do. We hate when a gift says "I couldn't bother so I rushed out at the last minute and found you this item you may or may not like. Deal."

Sigh. Never. Again.

The first Patchwork -- the first of three, we'll add -- is up on Sunday, Nov. 6. It's in Long Beach. The next one lands in Culver City on Sunday, Nov. 13, and the final one is in Santa Ana on Sunday, Nov. 27. Some "70-100" artists and crafters will be behind tables filled with goodies. Choices shall abound.

Cost to get in? Free. We like that word any time of the year, but ahead of the holidays? Golden.

Now, where to spend that extra buckage? A pair of earrings for your sister-in-law? A phone cozy for your aunt? Sky, limit, et cetera.

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