A Very Merry Mortified

Cringe-y stories beneath the mistletoe are just the start.

If you take part in the holiday season, you can pretty much confirm that you're engaging in activities you do not engage in the rest of the year.

Like? Hanging out beneath sprigs of mistletoe. Sending cards to people you rarely see. Attempting to cook dishes that require 34 different ingredients and an oven the size of a small schooner. Which means the holidays, as ripe as they are for delight and joy, can also create delightfully embarrassing situations.

And certainly for young people who love their journal. Mortified, that every-so-often night devoted to people reading diaries aloud from a stage, turns its spotlight on season-sweet (and -sour) situations. Yep, it is Mortified with a holiday twist, and it is happening on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at King King.

If you've never seen Mortified, perhaps you read about the recent debut of "The Mortified Sessions" on the Sundance Channel. Celebs like Jennifer Grey and Ed Helms relive past blush-inducers. Because, please. Everyone but everyone, famous or not, has ended up alone under the mistletoe. Or, worse, walked around with a spring of it held high over their own head.


Two things to know about the Dec. 14 show. The Mortified After School Orchestra will play. And, although teen-sweet humiliations are part of its heart, the show is 21+ only.

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