A Whale of a Weekend

Heal the Bay pays tribute to the mondo mammals in Santa Monica.


You've read the headlines and heard the reports and happy hearsay: It has been a banner winter for gray whales off our shores. It's been a banner winter for all sorts of whales, in fact, including those crowd-pleasing orcas.

Now, before the season starts to wrap up, and before those gorgeous, majestic grays swim away from our SoCal shores, Heal the Bay is pausing to pay tribute at a family-nice, two-day, ocean-close bash. We're pretty sweet on a Whale of a Weekend for a number of reasons -- its admission price for those 12-and-over is just three bucks, so that's sweet -- but we like the pier-based ocean watch best.

A Whale of a Weekend is set to swim on Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19.

Join an aquarium naturalist from the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium out on the pier and look for marine life. You could see a whale, but you could also see dolphins or other sea beasties (our money is on the dolphins; they're hams, right?).

There's stuff to do inside the aquarium, too. "Whale-themed crafts" catches our eye; we'd also like to see the whale artifacts on display.

And if you're at the aquarium on Sunday at 3:30, you'll see the sharks get fed. Nom nom, et cetera.

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