A Cleaner Way to Fly: Pablo's Perspective

Just like motorists, the airline industry has been hit hard by the increase in fuel costs.  Despite the fact that fuel prices have come down in recent weeks, fuel costs will remain an issue in the future.  Airlines are looking for ways to cut fuel costs, just like you and I do, in an effort to save money and help the environment. 

With few choices - a couple of the major carriers have come up with a rather simple way to save on jet fuel and all it takes is a hose and a lot of hot water.  That's right - by simply hosing off the engines on planes, it can cut burn less fuel and cause less pollution.  How much fuel can they save?  Try some twenty million dollars worth of fuel a year!  A cleaner jet engine will also reduce carbon monoxide emissions by a million pounds a year.

The airlines are also recycling the water they use.  A win-win for everyone.  This brings up a point - while high pressure spraying our own car engines will not save on fuel - the example is really a good reminder to keep our cars properly tuned and tires properly inflated.  Simple things that will help to cut your fuel cost and help clean up our environment. 

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