Jason Kandel

Santa Ana Acid Attack Victim Might Lose Vision in Eye, Doctors Say

A 40-year-old man remains hospitalized after someone poured acid on him

A man who suffered second- and third-degree burns to his scalp, face, arm and leg when he was attacked with acid last month might also lose his eyesight, according to doctors. 

Doctors said the chemical used in the Santa Ana attack could have been anything from a cleaning product to battery acid to a high concentration of lemon juice. Whatever it was they say it dripped down the patient's scalp, across his left eye and all the way to his left leg.

The victim asked during an interview with NBC4 Thursday not to be identified because whoever is responsible has not been caught. He wants to know who did this so he can be arrested and get justice.

The 40-year-old butcher was just leaving his job at Novy Ranch market. He told police a stranger threw a liquid at his face, a liquid that may cost him his eyesight.

"The most critical problem is his left eye," said Dr. Andrea Dunkelman. "He sustained chemical damage to his eye and the ophthalmologists are working with him and it's quite possible he may lose his vision in his left eye."

The liquid was so potent that hazmat crews arrived to help the man and make sure no one else was injured. It took them two hours to clear and clean up the scene. Police said the attacker was wearing a hoodie and a bandanna over his nose and mouth.

Police believe he was driving a black sedan. They say it had been backed into a parking spot by the grocery story. The victim says the suspect almost sounded like a woman.

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