Adam Fleischman on Umami, PIGG, Donuts

This is The Feast 14, in which we highlight the most anticipated projects of the new season. Here, Adam Fleischman outlines his most recent empire building efforts.

When Adam Fleischman brought Umami burgers to LA he changed our expectations of a burger chain forever. His UMAMICatessen–opening downtown this fall—will likely do the same for deli-style plaza eateries. As if that weren't enough growth, expect a westside pizza concept by November, an international Umami expansion, and perhaps more Red Medicine eateries to boot. We spoke to Fleischman for the latest.

What can people expect from the Broadway Plaza UMAMIcatessen?
It will be the most exciting casual restaurant to open in LA in years. Four concepts in a fantastic historic space in the downtown core. There will be Umami burgers, a celebrity-chef driven charcuterie concept called PIGG, a bespoke sandwich concept and our soft serve and donut place, "& a donut." Plus a stellar coffee bar and cocktail bar.

Why did you want to partner with SBE to take Umami national?
We wanted to let SBE invest in Umami for several reasons. Firstly, they are an excellent restaurant operator, and can relate to the challenges of opening restaurants. Secondly, they offered us use of their state of the art infrastructure. And thirdly, the investment was substantial.

What about 800 Degress, your pizza place in Westwood? Is that still on the books for the end of the year?
Yes, for November.

Do you plan to expand the Red Medicine brand with Jordan Kahn in the future?
I would like to, but as it is a chef-driven concept, we need Jordan's help. Lot's on my plate either way. [The Feast]

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