Adultcon Comes to Los Angeles

Jin Lee/Museum

Downtown Los Angeles is getting a little sexier this weekend.

Starting Friday afternoon, Adultcon 18 begins at the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall.

The erotic festival celebrates all things pornographic -- or as they put it, "Adultcon... giving you more porn stars than you can handle."

Well, if you can handle it, tickets are still available. The show runs April 9-11.

But before you head down there, be aware. There are rules.

Attendees must be at least 18 years old, no nudity, no exchanging bodily fluids, no blood play, no alcohol, no smoking, no flammable liquids -- and most importantly -- no soft drink beverages from outside vendors.

They're serious about the rules, and yes, they will kick you out for being rowdy.

More information is available on the show's website.

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