Agra Meets Urban: Farmers Market Fall Festival

LA's oldest fall festival has all the sweet touches.

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When you think of a fall festival that's been around, and growing in popularity, for over three quarters of a century, you're liable to think of it as being located on some golden hill, surrounded by chestnuts and maples, with maybe a curious chicken or two looking on.

Then there's LA's oldest fall festival, which is the Farmers Market Fall Festival, and if you know the Original Farmers Market, you know it is famously situated at Third & Fairfax, and if you know Third & Fairfax, you know that maples are pretty scarce on the corner, while all the tropes of city-living -- bustling cars and shopping centers every which way -- are well in place.

Which is one reason we crow, rooster-like, over this perfect autumn party year after year. It's coming up on Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17, all the activities are free -- oh yeah, we are so in for the knot-making workshop -- and the traffic-close location in no way draws from its downhome spirit.

Because. Farmers Market. It's like a giant, clocktowered, awning-laden deflector of anything not fun, while handily keeping everything that is good and fun in this world inside and intact. Sit there for a few hours. You know. Even the posher Grove glows next to the natural charms of its historic neighbor.

There will be knot tying at the fest, yes, and a petting zoo, plus a friendly wandering scarecrow, and all sorts of tunes, many involving the banjo. Slim Jim Phantom Trio is the weekend's headliner; you know Slim Jim from The Stray Cats, of course. Check out the whole sked for band times and such.

And show with a bit of cash for eats, too. Did you know you can buy a caramel apple at Littlejohn's Candies all year long? Not just October? That fact alone makes us want to run away with Farmers Market, but we wouldn't be so selfish as to steal it away from Third & Fairfax. That busy-busy corner needs a little TLCFMS. That's tender loving care, Farmers Market-style, of course.

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