All Aboard the Ghost Trains

The Fillmore & Western's October rides are ready to spook the rails.

Fillmore and Western

AUTUMN ON THE RAILS: The Golden State is home to many fine and picturesque historic trains, trains that toot-toot, or whatever sounds you prefer -- throughout the year. But October gets downright atmospheric where our older engines are concerned. That's because famous railrunners from Fort Bragg to Irvine stock the pumpkin patch and invite characters like the Headless Horseman or various scarecrows and ghouls to come around and merrily menace the proceedings. One of the tried-and-true terror trains -- but not *too* terror-y -- is the Fillmore & Western of Fillmore, California. Yep, its dramatic leanings come October may very well be from the fact that the Fillmore & Western trains have a way of showing up in a lot of big movies, but we think that the people behind the long-running line have a true flair for fun and know how to give that fun a seasonal spin. There are two Halloween trains just ahead, so cuddle up to a loved one and prepare for...

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN: The Family Dinner Train'll chugga-chugga on five nights in October: The 5th, 11th, 19th, 26th, and 27th. Your train makes for "Ichabog" -- oh yes it does -- and you'll dine on the way, on foodstuffs like bbqu tri-tip and chicken, plus fixings. Once you reach your destination, a hayride begins and the search for the H.H. himself. Spooky times, friends, spooky times. Here's a pdf to give you prices and chills.

THE PUMPKINLINER: If you like your October a wee bit eerie but not haunted by a certain gentleman in search of his head, this is your ride. The liner heads out on weekend days during the month, twice a day, to a patch brimming with gourds and other touches of fall. There's a BBQ food booth, too, in case you're looking to nosh before the ride back to Fillmore. We recommend for a really fine autumn Saturday, when the family wants to get out but can't land on what to do. It's pumpkin-y, historic, and camera-ready. No surprise, given that you'll be riding one of the famous "Movie Trains" of the Fillmore & Western.

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