All Saints is Back in Black

We think it's fair to say that while Angelenos live for Los Angeles' fair weather, when things shift to cold, we collectively love to dress for it. The novelty of putting on layers, bucking up boots, and adding scarves and head adornment is a welcome change to the warm weather, one dimensional outfit, and the best part of all: dark, unsunny colors.

To celebrate weather that was chilly for a spell, but is rapidly warming up again, we headed to Santa Monica Place's darkest offering, All Saints. The racks were full of loose, heavy knits, fitted washed leather jackets, silver + crystal jewelry, and a smattering of what appeared to be India-inspired sequined dresses and racerback tops.

Admittedly, despite the 25 percent off everything sale, we walked away empty handed, but not before petting, trying on, and profusely cooing at this Karin Jacket ($300), a black, 100 percent wool military-inspired blazer with a fitted bodice, tails, and pleated detailing throughout. In store, the blazer looked stellar over jeans and paired with booties, and while not quite long enough in the front to be worn alone over tights, we're imagining it looking killer with a short skirt, or layered over a mid-calf style.

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