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PARKLY PLACES: If a week passes without news of a state or national park needing some TLC, or some funding, or a second chance, it is certainly a rare one. And when a week arrives that brings news of parks getting money, and some TLC, and a good spotlight, we definitely want to make mention. And such an uncommon week has happily arrived, courtesy of the America Is Your Park campaign. It's sponsored by Coca-Cola, and it seeks to give three parks a lot of sweet funding.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: You can visit Coke's Live Positively site and cast a vote for that natural area you hold most dear. Everything'll be tallied on Sept. 6, and the park that nabs the most votes will get $100,000 (the two runners-up get $50,000 and $25,000 respectively, which is also applause-worthy). This is the second year for the campaign; Bear Head Lake State Park in Minnesota got the most votes in 2010. What will get the crown, and cash, this year? Make a stand for that spot that means a lot to you. (And an additional note: If you vote while actually in your favorite park, it gets five points. Oh score. Best get details now.)

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