America’s Family Pet Expo


EVERYTHING ANIMAL: Pet fairs can run the gamut from petite to out-sized, from a few bags of dog food for sale to dozens of demos and experts and vendors and activities. America's Family Pet Expo definitely falls at the biggest end of the gamut; in fact, it may fall just outside the gamut, given its impressive size. The three-day expo is headed for Costa Mesa from Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, and it has leashed up a ton of to-dos.

INCLUDING: Fish and reptile exhibitions and talks (lest people think it is all dog- and cat-focused). Appearances by duty-minded K9s. Dozens of vendors selling anything to do with animals, from beds to cages to bowls. Groomers giving grooming tips and trainers giving training tips. And some 1000 animals, showing off their skills or vocabulary or ability to shake or roll over on command. This last tidbit means you'll want to leave your own tail-wagger at home. You can tell him everything you saw later, and maybe show with a new collar or trick to teach him. A general admission is $12.

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