Amphibian Affection

Reptiles and amphibians are the superstars at special NHM day.

Ryan Miller/Image Capturing

Do you think the frogs and snakes ever get a little up in arms -- or, erm, hmm, snakes and arms -- or a bit jealous, rather, over all the attention spiders garner each and every fall?

We don't think alliances have formed to raise the profile of amphibians and reptiles. And they're likely a-ok with spiders. Mutual respect and all that. Plus, should we go into the whole topic of what dines on what in the great outdoors? Their lives are all interconnected in the end, is what we're saying. Like all our lives.

Frogs and snakes will be side-by-side with the spiders -- or nearly -- at the Natural History Museum on Sunday, Oct. 9. That's RAAD day -- RAAD is short for Reptile and Appreciation Day -- at the institution. Visits with live animals are promised, as are talks by a bevy of experts. There's a venom specialist scheduled for the day. He'll be talking Venom ER. We're pre-fascinated.

We mentioned the spiders, but we should not that spiders will not, in fact, be inside the museum. Rather they will be located just a pop away, at the seasonal Spider Pavilion. That's a separate admission, but it isn't much. Three bucks for adults. 

And the RAAD day? If you pay the general museum admission you're in. It's a good deal, indeed. Now, what do you like better, frogglies or snakes? Or are we opening a whole can of worms there?

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