An Arts Crawl with Valentine's Heart

The every-so-often Anaheim stroll will have a feel of the February holiday.

"YOUR ARTS DESIRE": Part of the charm of a great date, whether you're out for the first time with someone your BFF thinks you should meet or you're rolling with your longtime love, is this: Chatting about everything and nothing cements the bonds between you. Finding commonalities, and shared senses of humor, that first stoke, or continue to stoke, the fires d'amour, can do wonder for those sometimes elusive bonds. But how to spur such bond-building conversation on a date? There are few better ways then strolling an art-minded street fair together, the kind of happening that lines up the photographs for sale and the dancers and the bands and the open galleries. The topics to discuss become almost endless -- finding something funny in a performance, or moving in a painting -- and the date has (fingers crossed) ascended to fresh heights. Anaheim has one of the most vibrant art crawls around -- the Art Crawl Experience has been running for a few years now -- and it just so happens that the next one is on Valentine's Eve, a Saturday, which is a prime night for a date. Adding to the festive air is that this particular art crawl will take on a Valentine's vibe. The theme of the Feb. 13 to-do? "Your Arts Desire."

THE QUARTERLY ARTS FEST... will include OC Vintage Reggae, rocking bands, artists making art live, "handmade artisanal food booths," craft vendors purveying in everything from ceramics to glassworks to jewelry. Hours? Everything's strollable from 6 p.m. to 10 o'clock in the evening, so even if you have a Valentine's Eve/Saturday supper planned in the Anaheim neck o' the woods, you can still make an hour or two. Do you need to wear red or pink, to get into the holiday spirit? Not necessary, but others just might. Does every date need a lot of fodder, the better to prompt discussion topics? Not necessary, again, but picture dates you've had in the past, and how they might have benefited by the two of you taking on a detail-packed art crawl. So much to see and comment upon. Is it the ultimate date? Find out at the Valentine's-themed Art Crawl Experience.

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