An “Incredible” Costume Contest in Anaheim

Dress up for D23 and maybe snag a trophy featuring Edna Mode.

A RARE DISNEY PRIZE: Disney and collectibles are like two peas in a pod -- or, er, like a ghost inside a doom buggy or a mouse hand inside a big white glove -- and serious fans are known for their quests to find the hardest-to-come-by merch. But what if you could nab something really cool, and quite quirky, an item only a few people will ultimately call their own? You have a chance, if you dress up in an excellent costume and make for D23 EXPO, the mega Disney fan convention, on Friday, Aug. 9.

MEET THE A LA MODE: Edna Mode is one of Pixar's most memorable characters, and there've been a few. But you know Edna in a snap: The glasses, the bob, the attitude, the voice by director Brad Bird. She's the best, and she'll be starring on the award for the D23 EXPO inaugural costume contest.

THE CATEGORIES: There are a handful of categories to sign up for, meaning that a few lucky (and dedicated) people will nab those Mode-marvelous awards. They are Original Design (or Inspired by), Re-creation, Craftsmanship, Young Fan, and Best in Show.

The outfits should can be inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, a host of ABC stuff, and other sources. Check out everything on the site before you break out the scissors and measuring tape. Oh, and one fun thing? Capes are allowed, despite what Ms. Mode might think.

We're curious what the most common costume will be. Maybe Ariel? Or Carl from "UP!," complete with balloons? And we'd love to know what fan is headed in a really offbeat direction. Please, someone, dress up as Hyacinth the Hippo or the 89th Dalmation from "101" Dalmations.

There could be a nifty Edna Mode-topped award awaiting you.

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