And Now, the Award for Best New Internet Cat Video

A feline-filled LA production made the final Friskies cut.


When there's a nationwide contest of a creative nature, say a screenplay or painting deal, you can bet that someone from Southern California is going to at least show up in the finals.

Nah, we aren't just puffing with local pride; figure that our talent pool and girthy size just gives us an edge. But how does one shoot straight to the top in the field of Internet cat videos? How does one reach for all the glory in what is, let's be completely honest, a notoriously crowded and very competitive field?

Some humor, some strangeness, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek-o-sity help.

LA's own "The Cat Lady's Song About Cats" is a finalist in The Friskies, the annual award given out -- by the cat-food maker of the same name -- to the best new Internet cat videos of the year.

Yep, there is indeed a trophy -- a rather handsome one, too -- for what thousands of people regularly watch online when they should really, really be getting back to work. You should also know the awards themselves are called Catuettes. Oh yes. Indeed they are. Catuettes. Impossible to stop saying, once you start.

The awards will be presented in a live show on Wednesday, Nov. 14; watch it at the Pet Collective.

"The Cat Lady's Song Bout Cats" was directed by Joe Binetti. The LA felines who star include Buster, Boo, Zipper, Dewey, and Bean. As mentioned, it has a healthy dose of humor, but the competition has claws.

See below; there is some cute cuteness going one. (We can't say, for sure, if "cute cuteness" should be sub-category at the Internet cat awards, but The Friskies should consider our suggestion.)

Did your favorite cat video make the cut? Are you at a point in your browsing history where you can name at least a dozen notable cat videos? For us, it's always about the crafty cat hiding in the couch cushions or the kitten asleep in the food bowl. Gets us every single time, you know? We're not crying. Something's in our eye, is all.

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