And the 2012 Rose Parade Theme Is…

The 2011 event just wrapped, but the Tournament of Roses is working ahead.

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If you weren't actually at the 2011 Rose Parade, or didn't watch it that day live, on television, you may, like many locals, have it DVRed for later viewing.

But we expect, now that we're in the last third of January, you've already watched it. If the new year has had you running, though, and the 2011 Rose Parade still sits in your queue, you may be surprised to learn that the 2012 Rose Parade theme was just announced on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 20.

What's the saying? No moss grows on a rolling stone? Certainly there has to be a flower-centered aphorism that suggests when older buds are plucked, fresh ones replace them. Okay, that'll never make the Big Book of Everybody's Favorite Sayings, but you get our point.

That 2012 theme, by the way, is "Just Imagine..." Brand new Tournament of Roses president Richard W. Jackson made the announcement; you can read more about why it was chosen here.

Of special note: Both the 2012 parade and game will be on Monday, Jan. 2, as New Year's Day is a Sunday. You know about the Tournament's much-adhered-to "Never on a Sunday" policy? It's been around since 1893. So. There's been some time to get to know it.

The word "tradition," when feeling a bit at loose ends, probably looks to the Tournament of Roses for courage and can-do. There are few orgs that keep to past practices as steadfastly. Compliment.

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