And the 2013 Rose Parade Theme Is…

The 2012 spectacular just wrapped. What's on tap for next year?

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Dear Tournament of Roses people,

Hi. How are you? Rested up? Floats dismantled? Crowns polished and stowed? Good, good. Oh, us? You know. Keepin' on.

Favor to ask. You're so on top of things. Really together. For instance, just weeks -- days really -- after your big New Year's Day party wrapped -- okay, it was on Jan. 2, we were totally paying attention -- you've announced your 2013 Rose Parade theme. It's "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

Californians are sure to dig the theme; after all, one Theodore Geisel called La Jolla home for many years. But, let's be honest: Dr. Seuss belongs to the world, and a theme inspired by a Seussian book is sure to popular in all parts of the globe. And the Rose Parade does indeed have cachet pretty much everywhere.

So, we're thinking. You really are together on things, making hay while the sun shines, announcing themes nearly a year in advance, and so forth. How are you for organizing cupboards? Planning calendars? We admire your shipshapeness, and we're hoping you have a few tips on getting our own lives in order. Start of the year and all that. Maybe that could be a side thing for you? You're just incredibly organized, with your white-suited volunteers and to the clock parade precision. Maybe helping Angelenos keep on the up-and-up is an untapped Tournament talent.


Anywho. See you on Colorado Boulevard on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013!

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