And The Fun Never Stops At Disneyland

Visitors go on virtual treasure hunts courtesy of iPhone app

Visitors to the Magic Kingdom have a whole new way to explore and enjoy the park, but you’ll need an iPhone to do it.

A new app, “Wishing Stars - Disneyland,” will offer Disneyland guests the chance to pursue a series of quests, identifying various landmarks around the park, explains the OC Register. Patrons can use the iPhone 3G or 3GS to get clues directing them to specific locations about the park in a virtual treasure hunt.

The app then uses the GPS location of your phone to confirm whether you’ve solved the quest by finding the right location.

This oughta keep the kids busy for a while.

The app offers easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty, designed to entertain and perplex everyone from kids to your wizened old Sherpa guide (Sherpa guide optional).

One example of an easy quest: your iPhone displays a photo of a sword in a stone and you’re asked to figure out its location. You muddle about for as long as it takes to find the sword (knowledge of Disneyland themes obviously helps) and once you think you’ve found it, the iPhone confirms your find and voila! “You found a piece of a Wishing Star.”

For those who get to the park more often, one ‘hard’ challenge is: “You saw the Disneyland dedication speech at the flagpole. But there’s one other place at Disneyland where you can find it…”

This is where most people head for the nearest beer garden… unless you’re a wizened old Sherpa, of course…

‘Ultimate’ quests are expected to be added in the future. You’ll have the easier ones figured out by then, no doubt.

The “Wishing Stars” app, normally $4.99, is being offered for free until its 2.0 version has been reviewed and approved by Apple. The iPhone you’ll have to wrangle away from the kids.

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