Accomplish Your Mission Today: Get Out The Vote

President George W. Bush approaches the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln in a S-3B Viking jet Thursday, May 1, 2003. White House photo by Paul Morse.

Don’t forget to vote. (As if I needed to say it.) Also: January swearing-in dates and lame duck weeks aside, today is the last day that you will ever be able to get drunk in a Bush nation. Make it count. Drink like W before his 40th. Drink like Bush Senior is floating the tab. Like Cheney’s buying the shots and you don’t know who’s really behind it. Like Rummy’s forcing Jäger bombs down your throat. Take a thermos of Bloody Mary to the polling station. Knock back a few with your lunch. Keg stands would not be out of line. Today’s going to be big, whatever happens. Have fun out there.

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