Last Minute Ticket Giveaway: Charlie Hunter @ Mint

charlie hunter

PHOTO: Takehiko Tokiwa

Charlie Hunter Trio @ The Mint Fri Dec 12
Charlie Hunter Trio @ The Mint Sat Dec 13

What’s not to love about Charlie Hunter? The guy stays busy. Even if you’re not a jazz cat chances are you’ve already heard him on some Mos Def recording, and had no idea. Charlie plays custom-made seven-and-eight-stringed guitars with bass strings, guitar strings and wonky frets. The end result often sounds more like a bass-keyboard combo than anything else. One day I would love to see a master of guitar - somebody like Clapton - pick up one of Charlie’s instruments and attempt to play it, for kicks. If you have never seen this man live, you really should, as he is one-of-a-kind.

This tour (supporting his 270th [and first indie] release Baboon Strength) (just kidding about the 270 bit, but as mentioned, this guy’s prolific) also features Erik Deutsch on keyboards and Tony Mason on drums. Let’s give out some tickets to Friday’s show at this time. I’ll need your first and last name.

BONUS: I’ll be at Friday’s show. I’m stoked. I haven’t seen this guy in a few years. If you win tickets, turn out out and find me, I’ll buy you a drink.

Please include first and last name. And even if you don’t win, it’s a small price to pay in order to be blown away. See you there!

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