Angelino Heights, with a Side of Eerie

LA's most October-y area casts its magic via two tours.

Out of the Box Events

Surely the good people of Angelino Heights must live as we all do. Drinking the occasional lemonade on the hottest day of August, wearing swimsuits on occasion, texting their pals when bored. Stuff.

But one can't help but drive through the historic neighborhood, with all its gorgeous, looming semi-mansion-ness, and half-wonder if the people who call the area home aren't reading Poe and making pumpkin tea and knitting tiny spiderweb capes for their pet Pugs.

It's with love, and unbridled envy, that we say all this. Angelino Heights is one of our city's great neighborhoods, and our city has a lot of those, so when knowledgeable sorts get a tour or two together during the ghouliest time of year, we take note.

That tour is called the Haunts of Angelino Heights. Those knowledgeable sorts leading the tour are from LA Conservancy and Out of the Box events, and those two tour dates for 2010 are Saturday, Oct. 23 and Sunday, Oct. 24. A general ticket is $30. And you're invited to show with a snapshot device (we're talking in faux Victorian-speak, now) in case you spy something especially spooky.

Yep, the "Charmed" house is in the area, and other abodes you've seen on the big screen. There will be some history-sharing and ghost-hunting and architecture-discussing. There will be envious longing looks, good envy. And, we hope, there will be at least one Pug in a tiny spiderweb cape.

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