Animals Depend on People, Too

Take care of an animal each and every month at the LA Zoo.

Bruce Gelvin

While we're flurrying around in this season of shoppery, there are gifts out there that will continue to last for a very long time to come, not only for the good they deliver but the joy the bring. (A wonderful one-two punch in the gift-giving world, we'll add.)

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association is sponsoring an animal-nice "A.D.O.P.T." program. "A.D.O.P.T." stands for Animals Depend on People, Too, and it seeks to pair human "parents" with a different zoo denizen over a 12-month period. Meaning that in April you might be supporting meerkat, and in October an orangutan.

That's the long (tail) and short (snout) of it. Nice.

A.D.O.P.T. is $350 a year, but if you'd like to gift this to an animal lover you know, and that's a bit outside of the spending pool this year, the Association has one-month A.D.O.P.T. plans for $35. There's a six-month package as well.

We also see it as a great reason to check in on one's furry, tail-swinging children throughout the year. Just to keep a loving eye on their monkeying around.

Learn more about the animals in the tax-deductible A.D.O.P.T. program. There are some universal superstars of the kingdom on the roster. Elephants! Tigers! All part of our larger family, and ours to take care of.

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