Another Use for Diapers: Pablo's Perspective

No doubt when it comes to the environment - diapers are a big issue.  Billions, yes billions with a capital B, end up in landfills every year.  Many people have returned to cloth diapers as a way to help protect the environment.  But even cloth diapers, which require constant cleaning, can be an issue when it comes to the environment. 

O.K. there might be no simple answer to this problem.  But what if we could take disposable diapers and turn them into something good for the environment?  Believe it or not - there is one company taking those disposable diapers and turning them into something everyone needs - fuel!

That's right - a modern cement plant is saving big bucks by fueling their plant with diapers!  The plastic pieces are cut up and dumped into burners that fuel the plant to make cement.  The company is saving more than a million dollars a year in energy costs and helping the environment at the same time.  O.K....we know your wondering -  "They don't burn old poopy diapers do they?"  Well that question's been raised.. and the cement plant manager says all the diapers they use are pre-consumer!

Simple idea.  Simple solution - as we continue to look for ways to save our planet.  As always - if you have a good, green story idea - we would love to hear from you!

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