ArcLight Goes El Segundo

The fourth ArcLight Cinemas debuts on Friday, Nov. 5.

In the recent spirit of Halloween, we had gotten to wondering if, one day soon, in some sci-fi fashion, we'd all have our own food truck, or at least a truck on every block in the city.

Now we can ponder if that will be true with ArcLight Cinemas. The boutique chain debuted popular locations in Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, in, if not a leisurely way, than in the way that a lot of major venues seem to debut. With a few years in-between.

And then, bam, 2010 arrived, presenting us with not one but two new ArcLights within a half year. Pasadena debuted in the spring, and on Friday, Nov. 5, ArcLight Beach Cities opens in El Segundo.

You may have already seen a flick there earlier in the week, due to a soft opening, but the Grand Opening is Nov. 5. Meaning there won't just be streamers and speeches and whatnot, but films shown. Here's the list.

If you are toying with catching movies on certain long layovers, make sure you have time. We know everyone and their burger-loving brother hits that In-N-Out on Sepulveda when their schedules permit, but of course a film will need more time than consuming fries gone animal-style.

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