Arrr: Seaport Village Landlubbers Day

Get a jump on "Talk Like a Pirate Day" at this swashbuckling San Diego scene.

MATEYS 'N MERRIMENT: We don't want to assume that you save all of your particular talents for sole display upon their designated holidays. For example, perhaps you talk like a pirate in a pretty convincing fashion. You can dole out an "arrr" with all the rolling r action an "arrr" requires, and you can use "matey" in a way that makes the listener think you've just dropped anchor at the nearest harbor. Or, perhaps, you save all of your pirate-ese for Sept. 19 each year, which just happens to be "Talk Like a Pirate Day." It's a day that sees a lot of "avast"-ing on social media, for sure, but you can find a way to hobnob among other fans of tri-cornered hats and ye olde breeches in person (er, in pirate, rather). One lively option? Making for Seaport Village on the Saturday ahead of "Talk Like a Pirate Day," the better to join all sorts of salty, straight-from-the-ocean activities. The date in 2016 is...

SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, and the San Diego water-close destination'll be abuzz with all sorts of free "ahoy"-esque to-dos, from the making of pirate hats (a pursuit for the young'uns) to a costume-based showdown to, yes, the chance to show how well you do indeed speak like a scallywag of olden days. A mermaid grotto, live tunes from the pirate-snazzy Jackstraws, buskers busking in amazing fashion, and loads of grog and grub complete the colorful scene, which has the official and charming handle of Landlubbers Day. And if you're among the first 50 revelers to show in full-on pirate garb, you'll nab a $10 gift certificate to the place where you stand (yep, Seaport Village). Will you use the certificate next time you steer your vessel into port? Or perhaps that day? It's up to you. Just best keep brushing up on all of your "thar she blows"-type lingo, for you'll be called upon, if you so choose, to talk like a pirate.

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