Ask Racked: Barneys Warehouse Sale Edition

Have a burning shopping-related question that no one else can seem to answer? Drop us a line and we'll give it a shot. Today's questions are all about the semi-annual shopfest that is the Barneys Warehouse Sale, which kicks off tomorrow at the LA Convention Center.

Via a comment, Ikenani asks : "Will there still be free parking?"

A: Great question— but, unfortunately, when trading up from a venue with port-a-potties to one with real bathrooms, you must also trade up from a wilderness of unmanned lots to a $12 parking garage that doesn't validate (unfair, but that's LA). However, we know from experience that there are plenty of independently run lots within walking distance of the venue (usually costing $5 and up, depending how much exercise you want to get), and Barneys tells us that there's also some free street parking in the vicinity (although the only thing that we can totally vouch for is that street parking in Downtown LA is free on Sundays). Plus, if you want to make an afternoon of it and grab a drink at LA Live, you can get validation in their lot for up to 2 hours. And, if none of that sounds appealing, there's always the bus...

Via a comment, an anonymous reader asks: "does anyone know if you can use barney's new york gift card at the warehouse sale?"

A: Yes you can—it's just like shopping at the real Barneys, but with plastic hangers and shoppers stripping in the aisles.

Any other questions, feel free to send them in and we'll try to get them answered by the end of the day. If not, we'll see you at the sale...

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