At BOXeight: Anzevino and Florence’s Tie-Dyed Bow Ties and Bow Tie Necklaces

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Rik Villa, far right, created the tie-dye bow tie necklaces, which accessorized the guys at Anzevino and Florence, while the girls wore the bow ties

We were fortunate that Rik Villa, Wardrobe Style Assistant for Revolve, just happened to sit right next to us at BOXeight, who we found out was the one who created the tie-dyed bow ties and bow tie necklaces specifically for the Anzevino and Florence show. How did the collaboration come about? Villa told Racked: "It was really word of mouth—a friend of a friend kind of thing." The colorful accessories are not for sale, but you might see them pop up on Villa's friends...or friends of friends.
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