At Smashbox: Crispin & Basilio

One of our favorite shows thus far, Crispin & Basilio has created buzz as an up-an-coming label and did not disappoint. Here, textural mixes were key—silk crepe, jersey and raffia; silk jersey and chiffon; linen and woolen georgette, silk and leather. Amidst a palette of earthy neutrals (taupe, silver beige, antique white, tan blush), shocks of Bermuda pink, amber coral and saturated green dubbed 'darkleaf' gave the collection added depth. Unexpected details ran throughout, including an ever-so-subtle floral print on black dresses, loose low-slung bows on chiffon tanks, a bib of ruffles at the neckline of a dress wrapped like a luxe halter sarong.
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