At Smashbox: Julia Clancey, Fluttery Caftans and One Whirling Dirvish


We could talk about the lightly embroidered and sashed caftans at Julia Clancey (which transported us to a fabulously luxe locale by the ocean in white and sherbet) or the flapper dresses with oversized tiered petals or the voluminous minidresses that floated by, but the moment (glorious and, we have to say it, comical) was when a fiery redhead took the runway in a teal vertical striped caftan and twirled and twirled, then raised her arms as if to cast a spell... and then twirled some more! She had to be on some other plane, some alternate universe where this was the thing to do! And who is she? Actress? Soap star? Don't think we didn't ask around. Her face is familiar. And we asked minimum half a dozen people and no one could identify her. Someone let us know. We're desperate. We searched online to no avail. Really, it was quite spectacular. [RackedWire]For more stories from Racked LA, go to

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