Audi likely to delay early 2009 decision on US production

Over the past year, Volkswagen and Audi have set some remarkably aggressive goals for the US market, including the pronouncement that Audi would double its sales in the States to 200,000 units by 2015. Audi has fared well in 2008, even managing a slight sales increase in October while virtually every other automaker saw double-digit declines. However, holding your own in such a market is not a good way to double sales. Part of the the plan for multiplying its volume included building Audi's in the US, either in cooperation with parent Volkswagen or all by its lonesome. But without financial recovery in sight, CEO Rupert Stadler is justifiably hedging on whether the four-ring brand will make a production decision in early '09. The 200,000 annual sales target is also looking far less likely for 2015. Stadler has said the company will know in a year or two if its sales target is still feasible.

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