Audition for “The Dog Whisperer”

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You're a dog person. You can't live without that little lap smoochie. We know. But if only the little lap smoochie wouldn't growl every time your in-laws stopped by for Saturday brunch. Cesar. Help.

Joining the pantheon of experts known just by one name is canine expert Cesar Millan. When a dog gets aggressive with the other household pets, or won't get off the couch, or won't stop scratching the door, pup people, as of late, have been asking what Cesar might say about this situation.

Perhaps you can find out first hand, with your own hound. Auditions for the "The Dog Whisperer" recently kicked off in Southern California -- in Rancho Cucamonga, we believe -- and they've got several more stops. If you're keen to get on the show and have Mr. Millan work with your pooch's particular hang-up, you're lucky to live in Southern California. That's the only area auditions are currently happening (with the exception of Colorado, but that appears to be for a separate project).

The Tuesday, September 1st audition is at Petco in Redondo Beach; tryouts in Montebello, Encino, Port Hueneme, Whittier, Walnut Park, Northridge, and San Pedro are happening over the next two months.

Note: The site says your dog may attend, but if he or she has issues -- aggression issues -- you know the issues -- best just show yourself and elucidate the ongoing situation for producers. Eye all the audition details.

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