Austen Ad-Libbed

Sense and sensibility and sassy, off-the-cuff asides rule the night.

From the "someone had to think of this fantastic idea one day" files comes "Jane Austen Unscripted."

Have a guess what that title might mean? It's basically the world of Austen -- think of the darling sisters of Sense and Sensibility or the famous Miss Emma Woodhouse -- colliding with the world of improv.

Right? Chills? Chills.

It opens at the Broad Stage on Saturday, Dec. 3.

"Jane Austen Unscripted" is improv of the high-brow-iest sort, but that doesn't mean the humor is lacking. Au contraire. The comedy is most present, but the actors, in their high-waisted empire gowns and silk-white stockings, have to be off-the-cuff in the language and manner of Austen's 18th-century day.

We can't imagine this is an easy task, for even the most seasoned improvian.

And also? Yep. It's never the same show twice. 

Other fun additions we're swooning over (behind a proper hand fan, of course): The cast will meet audience members for tea before or after a few select performances, and audience members are encouraged to show in Austen dress.

That's a total fist pump right there. Wait. Did people fist pump in Georgian society?

"Jane Austen Unscripted" swans across the Broad Stage every weekend through Sunday, Dec. 18.

And here's a special deal for NBC LA readers: The box office will offer a 50% discount on tickets if you call 310-434-3200 and mention "NBC." Good stuff!

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