Australia Rocks the Pier

Musicians from Down Under strum in Santa Monica.

Halfway points are good things, generally. That is, of course, if you take the glass-half-full approach.

We're now at just about the halfway point of the ever-popular Twilight Concert Series at Santa Monica Pier, which can say either 1) there's still some summer to go or 2) summer is winding down. Let's choose the sunnier choice, the first choice, and be gladdened by the show that annually falls at the halfway point of this series.

It's Australia Rocks the Pier, which will rolls on Thursday, Aug. 2. Will there be Aussies on the stage, rocking their songs? Oh yes: Kasey Chambers, Matt Ellis, and D Henry Fenton are fulfilling the musical honors this year.

And adding to the Oz-some proceedings of the night? Rusty's Surf Ranch -- it's on the pier -- is going the shrimp-on-the-barbie route and serving half-priced glasses of Australian vino, too. Say, why don't Americans have a crustacean-based phrase as cool as "shrimp on the barbie"? Catchphrase makers, please address this void.

As always, the Twilight Concert Series is free.

And as mentioned, we're only halfway through. Still to come over the next few Thursday nights? A Cirque du Soleil presentation, Amadou & Mariam and Y La Bamba, and Alex Cuba and Lucky 7 Mambo. The Twilight Concert Series wraps on Thursday, Sept. 6.

(pictured: Kasey Chambers)

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