Avalon Ball Travel Package

ISLAND IDYLLING: We have the feeling many a main-land-er is tempted by the idea of the Avalon Ball, that annual, gussy-up and kick-the-heels-up party at the famous Casino Building on Catalina Island. We also have a feeling that many a main-land-er doesn't pursue attending because of the attending issues with getting out to the island, and staying over. And our last "we" of this train of thought: We think this is all part of the adventure, an adventure the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles has just made easier.

AVALON BALL TRAVEL PACKAGE: The society just announced a stay-over deal that includes two nights for two people at the Pavilion Hotel (May 13 and 14), two round trips on a boat out to the island, and a behind-the-scenes tour. The joy of peeping behind the scenes cannot be underestimated. This won't include ball tickets, but figure you get all that you get for $409 per person. The ball is on Saturday, May 14, so we'd start tucking away those dollars in the jar now. Because dancing at the Casino? Isn't an everyday opportunity.

BALL TICKETS: If you just want to do the dance itself, find ticket info here.

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