“Awakening” Flowers at Pantages

The youth-blossom-y hit musical is in town, for a few days only.


One always wants to use the word "popular" carefully when talking about a teen-centered show; after all, adolescent-related words don't come more loaded or fraught with implications.

But it is difficult not to stick the term in front of "Spring Awakening." The teen-themed musical arrived on Broadway a few years back to all sorts of accolades, and it hasn't stopped being be-accoladed yet. The show opens at Pantages on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

"Teen-themed musical" is a bit too trite, though, if you've seen the show. It's based on a story that's well over a century old, and its themes run from rebellion to lust to connection to all sorts of things that teens throughout time have been involved in, either to the disapproval or support of the adults around them.

The heart-render of a story has a lot of stories surrounding it. You likely heard pop star Duncan Sheik wrote the music. That "Glee" star Lea Michele played the first Wendla, on Broadway. That teenagers frequently show up with their parents to see it, multiple times. And that YouTube mash-ups employing songs from the show are common and creative.

"Spring Awakening" opens at Pantages on Tuesday, Feb. 8 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 13.

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