Awesome Orbs: Bubblefest Returns

Create soapy wonders, and watch bubble magic live and on stage.

EVERYDAY MAGIC: Probably, over the course of the last 24 hours, you encountered a bubble or two. You probably didn't notice it. It might not have even been all that discernible if you had glanced in its direction. But we have a knack for creating the little soapy balls while we washing our hands or scrub a pot or give a dish a quick rinse or fill the tub. Still, we don't often think of bubbles, not in the day-to-day sense. Sure, when the kids run into the yard with a bottle of the blowy stuff, we're all up in bubbles' business, but remembering that they're tiny wonders we come across each day is important, too. You can pause to put the full focus on bubbledom, and all of the mystery and awesomeness it so easily elicits, at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. How? One of the science-minded institution's most popular events has returned, and it is floating/sparkling/bewitching now. It's...

BUBBLEFEST XX, and it is on through Sunday, April 10. Indeed, it is the 20th anniversary, and several fans make the return journey, year after year. What draws bubble buffs back? The chance to do totally wicked awesome things, like play in the Bubble Zone and see amazing bubble-based vignettes during the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show. There's a Bubble Courtyard, where youngsters can try and go for really big bubbles, and Water Spheres, where kids can climb in a faux bubble for tumbling-around high jinks. For an extra fee a kid can feel what it is like to stand inside a bubble, too.

JUST TAKE NOTE... that the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is quite popular, and there's a VIP way to secure "early entry and preferred seating." After all of the daily time you put in with bubbles -- like the infinitesimal orbs that popped up on your palms, briefly, the last time you washed them -- isn't it time you commune with the science and splendor of bubble-makery? Float this way for details.

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