Baby Giant Sea Bass: Aquarium Charmer

The wee fish, which will grow quite large, is now on view in Long Beach.

Robin Riggs

YOU DON'T HAVE TO ROAM... far beneath the waves to find some Truly Big Things. Look to our mammalian pals, the whales, and gaze, too, if you will, upon behemoth beasties like the great white sharks. And while the giant sea bass isn't nearly, in any way, as big as its two aforementioned ocean co-sharers, it does have "giant" in its name, and it can grow to quite the hefty girth for a bass, weighing in at a few hundred pounds, depending upon the specimen. Which all leads to this: A small giant sea bass isn't an oxymoron, not when the small giant sea bass in question happens to be a young'un. And a wee bass baby just made its debut at the Aquarium of the Pacific, after a few months behind the scenes. Baby was hatched back in the...

FALL OF 2016, but only just made its debut in the middle of February. Where to see a watery resident that will one day grow very, very large? Head for the Long Beach institution's Redondo Canyon for a peek. It isn't all squeals and coos when it comes to this lil' cutie, though. "The Aquarium of the Pacific is the first public aquarium to successfully breed and raise this species," says the aquarium's site. The giant sea bass is on the endangered list, so the conservation success story behind the baby is one that brings cheer and hope for other the future of this beautiful, spot-spectacular fish. To read more about the aquarium's work with these cool critters, and to find out how you have a look at the littlest one (while it remains on the little side), this aquarium page is a fintastic place to begin.

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