Bad/Funny Crush Memories Mulled Aloud

"Mortified" is back, with more blushing.

Ed Pingol

What's the content of a 9th grader's diary?

Well, it probably has a lot of lockerside gossip. Maybe a review of a movie seen last weekend. A ballpoint-on-spiral-paper illustration of a dog holding a balloon.

But it almost assuredly has mountains of mooning over the diarist's latest crush. Were you ever 14? Then you remember. "Mortified," the stage show/publishing juggernaut that only wants to unearth funny/embarrassing adolescent memories for the enjoyment of all, remembers.

And, more importantly, remembers aloud. The people-on-stage-reading-old-journals show returns for Valentine's Day, and you can bet the spotlight will be on youthful pining and gym dances and everything gone wrong (or maybe, on the raaaare occasion, right).

"Mortified" looks blushingly looks back at high school crushery at King King at 8PM on Sunday, February 14th. There will be laughing on the audience's part, there will be oh-no-ing, there will be a lot of cringing, there will be some old feelings stirred up. A perfect Valentine's night.

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