Bardot Bows

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Promiscuous dining? We've dined coquettishly. We've dined sassily. But with the opening of Bardot, we'll have our first chance to savor our supper promiscuously. Taking over the old Spider Club space at Avalon (nod: Eater LA), the Tinseltown nitery promises allure in spades. We like that the club, a nod in name and vibe to starlets past, is just a lick up the road from Hollywood & Vine. Tres authentic indeed.

We also like that the skillful Jared Simon, formerly of Violet, is at the stove, and the late-night-ready menu trumpets fare like buttermilk panna cotta, beef filet tartare and smoked eel. In short, expect sexy-and-small tidbits made for spoon-feeding the person cozied up next to you. Mother always warned against acting promiscuous, but never snacking promiscuous. So we're off the hook with this one.

Bardot, 1737 N. Vine, Hollywood

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