Barry Merry: “Frosty the Snow Manilow”

Saluting a famous songwriter with seasonal hijinks.

Sometimes, you hear a title of a production, and you think, really, whatever that is about, I'll be there, no more discussion, the end.

"Frosty the Snow Manilow" is one such title. One can, of course, glean a few things from the name of the current Falcon Theatre show; there will be a Christmas-y feel, and somehow, in some way, a man named Barry may be spotlighted.

You'd be correct. The play does indeed feature a giant talking snow person, and his antics and adventures and misadventures are played out through the music of the prolific singer-songwriter who penned "Copacabana" and dozens of other shake-your-booty and/or romantic-feeling hits.

How will "Weekend in New England" figure into the candy cane-flavored plot? "This One's for You"? Intriguing.

"Frosty the Snow Manilow" is running at the Burbank-based Falcon through January 17th, 2010 -- good thing, if you're caught up in pre-Christmas madness at the moment -- likely -- and we're only hoping one thing: Mr. Manilow himself has seen it.

Even nooow...

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