Bartenders’ Ball

Farmers Market spotlights its bartending stars.


There are those cafes where pretty much the entire waitstaff is an actor. On occasion, you'll also run across a gallery-close restaurant where several on staff paint or sculpt away from their day gig.

And then there's Farmers Market, which is known as a spot where local rockers rule the bars.

The landmark, famously based at Third and Fairfax, boasts not one but two bars. No spirits are served, but regulars regularly turn up, sometimes daily, to split a pitcher of something straightforward and sudsy, watch a game, and just shake off the day.

Serving those drafts and bottles of vino are a coterie of rocking bartenders who've been part of the Market family for years. Oftentimes the bartenders' bands will play the Market during special events, which is always a treat. But come Friday, November 20th at 7PM, the Bartenders' Ball will round up a bunch of the taverners plus a quartet of acts to keep the shops and restaurants humming through the wees.

On the bill: bartender Cynthia Catania and Saucy Monky, bartender Jay Souza and 50 Cent Haircut, bartender Lucky Islam and Chemistry of the Universe, and Speedtwinn.

Regulars at Farmers Market are devoted to their tapsters and tapstresses. This will be a loud and lively party with a raucous and deeply local heart.

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