Bay Brews: San Francisco Beer Week

The finest crafty sips'll make a showing, and the makers who make 'em.

SF Beer Week

IT'S GETTING TO A POINT... in terms of beerly accolades and sudsy top ten lists, and that point is this: San Diego and San Francisco show up side by side, or nearly, again and again. You can't search for "the best beer cities in America" without the two West Coast metropolises dominating your returns. And as far as the lists go, both cities show strongly, if not in the top five, then nearly. Oh, who are we kidding? Nobody. Both California powerhouses have become synonymous with the craft brew scene over the last decade, so much so you'd think that they were twin cities in that particular respect. (Question: If San Francisco and San Diego were actual twin cities, do you think Coronado Island would sit grandly between the two, in some sort of big bay? And would there be more bridges? And would Balboa Park and Golden Gate Park touch? Daydreams.)

SO... it's no surprise that both cities boast robust beer weeks, and it is no surprise that San Francisco's own toast to all things foamy is called a week but lasts well beyond a week. And that "week" that isn't really a week is set to line up the taps, from Feb. 7 through 16.

THE SUD-FILLED SCHEDULE... at San Francisco Beer Week is a colorful wheel of drinkian delights. Beer donuts? Those two words appear together. A Double IPA Festival? If you love your IPAs, your adrenaline likely just rose upon reading that. And beer-crafted cocktails? We're game. It really is a Valentine to beerdom, that just happens to fall over Valentine's Day weekend. Which makes us wonder: Will brew-loving sweethearts make San Francisco Beer Week their annual fun date hearts celebration? If so, we cheers them, heartily. For more info on the mega week, which lands at several locations around the Bay Area, read on and dream of beer donuts.

AND YEP... LA, you are certainly on the craft beer rise, too. When can all three cities take the top trio on some important beverage list? Soon, sudsy buffs, that day may come.

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