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Belle's gone 3D. There's a new "Tangled" short, too.


Did you see the "Toy Story" short in front of "The Muppets"? No words. Wait. A few words: Pixar, please build a movie around some of the kid meal toys featured in the film. Especially that light-up belt buckle. We see big prospects for that character and its ability to emote via a blinking light and beep.

Now a "Tangled" short leads "Beauty and the Beast 3D" and we're nearly as excited to see that as the main feature (don't go all Gaston on us, fans; we like the main film, too). Is there a wedding in the short? Hmm. Spoilers.

And if you happen to see both short and feature at the El Capitan, you'll also see Belle live on stage, waving and smiling and delighting all of the small Belleans in the audience, some of whom will surely be sitting in their seats, scarfing popcorn, in the signature yellow dress.

There are a few El Cap-style extras, for serious Belle buffs. One is Storytime with Belle -- the princess reads to kids from a tome selected in the Beast's extensive library. And weekends bring Breakfast with Belle. That's ticketed/priced separately, of course. And while both of these things aren't on for every showing, Belle will appear on stage for sure before each movie.

For more info, and to get your "Be Our Guest" on, check out the El Capitan site. (You know that this is the final song the El Cap's Wurlitzer plays before it goes below the stage before each screening, regardless of the film? Of course you do.)

"Beauty and the Beast 3D" is at the El Capitan through Thursday, Feb. 2.

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