Beard Buffs: Join a Costa Mesa Contest

Have a fancy bit of fluff on the chin? Show it off at the OC Market Place.

IT'S NO CONTEST: November totally belongs to the mustache. There's no contest there, no ifs, ands, buts, or other various bickering arguments to be had. With the introduction of the oh-so-muscular Movember, the month-long fundraiser that involves guys growing 'staches to help out men's health charities, the 11th month of the year became very much about the hair above a gentleman's lip. But there is no time of the year that truly belongs to the beard. Well, perhaps, yes, you're correct, wintertime is very beardly, what with the chill winds and all that. But beard buffs, either those who grow and those who know those who grow, have to wait on contests rather than whole months to see the fur they love. So best thank your lucky whiskers one is about to come down the facial hair pike, in Costa Mesa, over the first weekend in June. The Best Beard competition is set for Saturday, June 6 at the Orange County Market Place, and it actually arrives with two different contests: One for beards with styling products involved and one for the au naturelle beard (no mousse, no gel, you get the picture). And if you don't have a beard but rather stick with the 'stache, you mustn't feel left out: There shall be love given to the mustache men as well, in the form of a contest. But it isn't all about the fancy 'dos of the face over the weekend. It's also about...

ROCKABILLY TUNES... and lots of 'em. A whole bevy of acts summing that fiery, dance-to-it old-style sound'll fill the Market Place with music, including Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars, Buddy Lee and the Dungaree Dogs, and the Crown City Bombers. Should you go for the full look? High pompadours and muscle tees and patent heels and the Victory Roll bangs? You absolutely should, if that's your style, but feel free to swing by and enjoy the tunes, and beard-mustaches looks, regardless of what you're wearing. Will you be inspired, though, by the fashion of the bands and the furry handsomeness of the contestants? If you're into rocking a beard, or rocking that rockabilly look, every month is your month, regardless of the time of the year.

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